Lot and Block Surveys

Lot and Block Surveys:

(1) Boundary Survey on a lot in a dedicated subdivision in City or County (For Example – Deed will show – Lot No 1, Block 1 of Any Addition, Any City, USA.). Our plat (blueprint) will show lot dimensions, set-back lines, platted easements, access to public roads and flood plain delineation. This survey is usually needed by a person purchasing a lot for future development or resale.

(2) Plot Plan Survey is basically the same as the above described boundary survey; but will also show a location of a proposed house. These surveys are normally required by cities for building permits.

(3) As-Built Surveys are also basically the same as the above described boundary survey, but will also show the location of all structures, driveways, sidewalks, (concrete pads of any type including pads for future buildings) anything that will add value to the lot. These surveys are normally needed by mortgage companies for loan approval.

Last Updated 10/09/2006

Land Surveying by Licensed Land Surveyor

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