Boundary and Final Surveys

Boundary and Final Surveys:

(1) Boundary Surveys are for anything that is NOT in a dedicated subdivision (metes and bounds descriptions). Plat will show dimensions (bearings and distances), access to public roadway (or lack of it), corner monuments (what was either found or set at corners on ground) and flood plain information (if available). To keep the cost lower IMPROVEMENTS WILL NOT BE SHOW. These surveys are normally needed by people interested in knowing where their property lines are for building new fences, disagreements between land owners or just need location of property lines.

(2) Plot Plan for Boundary Surveys are the same as boundary surveys (above) except they will show the locations of proposed improvements on the plat. These surveys are sometimes needed for building permits for City and/or County.

(3) Final Surveys are boundary surveys with all improvements to property shown on plat (location of all improvements with dimensions of improvement and distance to property lines). These surveys are normally needed by mortgage companies for loan approval.

Last Updated 10/09/2006

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